Underwater - Test shoot

I have wanted to shoot underwater for some time now, last summer I pulled out the Canon Powershot D10 and played around after a studio fashion shoot.  Needless to say, it was the beginning of this niggling little voice in my head, to get back in the water and do some more.  We had a lot of fun that first afternoon, trying to stay submerged while trying to focus on the model and actually take a shot.  There was too much muck in the water, which made it difficult to focus, and of course the camera itself was doing its own thing as there was no manual control to override the settings.   The biggest hinderance to having done this earlier is the fact that I need to submerge my camera with an appliance that guarantees it will not leak......... hmmmmmm that small chance that it will is frightening enough.  

I have been researching underwater housings and wow!!! they are not cheap, some of them cost almost as much as the camera.  So the obsession laid low for a few months, until recently :)

Back again on my agenda, I had to make it happen and get over my fear of getting my camera wet.  So putting my fears aside, I used my Canon 5D along with a 50mm 1.8 lens inside a purpose built housing and plunged it into the water.  This time my biggest challenge was the ability (or in my case, inability) to easily change the settings on my camera, the auto focusing lens was a big help, however my snorkel wasn't the best so I kept fogging up.  This was definitely not going to be easy, we chased the sunlight and this is what we came up with this time :) 


Model - Anne Duffy

HMUA _ Lauren Cataldo

Anne Duffy-160web.jpg
untitled underwater-32v2 web.jpg
untitled-49 v2web wout texture.jpg
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Anne Duffy44webv2.jpg